You've seen my highs.
You've witnessed my lows.
I hid my face in the pillow choking up my tears.
But you made me look you in the eyes.

You've seen me vulnerable, unsure, afraid.
At moments of pleasure and ecstasy.
In moments of sorrow and sadness.
With you. Away from you.

You smile back at me when I feel like a little kid.
You've played hide and seek.
Catch me if you can.
And we've got a water pistol duel to come.

You stood beside me.
Held my chin up.
Encouraged me to dream.
Looked with amusement at my little things.
Held me time and time again in your arms.
Whispered in my ear.
Took me for the ride.
Made plans.

You've compromised.
You gave your all.


I disse...

Sweet sugar...

Lina disse...

... sweet on my lips and on my dreams.